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Sorizava is the stenograph company that produced the largest number of stenographers and led the recording culture by possessing the 70% of stenograph patents in the world through developing a variety of shorthand equipment with innovate technology that goes beyond this era.

After releasing the voice recognition computer stenograph in 2000, Sorizava constantly conducted researches on the stenograph based on voice recognition and launched the 'world's first AI voice recognition stenograph system' that reduced 50% of the time it takes to writing a meeting log.

The AI shorthand system automatically records speakers in order and time, even for simultaneous remarks. This is Sorizava's patented technology, the first of its kind in the world, and in fact, AI shorthand systems are being used in 15 parliaments, government agencies and committees.

Also, multi-language voice recognition and translation allows you to record in any language you prefer.

Through the cooperation of AI and stenographers, the AI shorthand system transcends the previous limits that were unbreakable and received a booming response from the stenographers who were stressed with the overwork. Therefore, it brought innovation to their tasks and it would be established as one solution that can lead the stenograph of the world.

Sorizava will interact with stenograph companies around the world through 2019 Intersteno Conference and together we will lead the technological development of shorthand equipment.

The introduction and test run of AI stenograph technology will be revealed at 2019 Intersteno Conference so if you have interest in or desire to exchange the information regarding the technology, please let us know in advance. Inquire SORIZAVA for specific details.




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