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PerVoice SpA develops and markets speech recognition technologies for use in industries such as broadcasting, media monitoring, call centers, health care and reporting. The PerVoice Speech-to-Text Engine – based on research at internationally renowned Fondazione Bruno Kessler – provides speaker-independent transcriptions in multiple languages. The system can use very large vocabularies and is robust enough to recognize and ignore many kinds of background noise, making it useful in non-studio conditions, as well.

PerVoice transcription solutions add value to traditional audio or Audio/Visual files by permanently synchronizing text with audio. You can create Audio/Visual indexes and search for keywords, easily correct and certify transcriptions, automate subtitling and closed-captioning processes, find out what customers are thinking when they talk to a Call Center operator, and analyze content for word use and frequency. You can also integrate PerVoice products with other upstream and downstream IT solutions.

PerVoice SpA is a private company controlled by Almawave, a company of the Almaviva Group, a leading Italian ICT Group. Other stakeholders include public and private investors, research institutions and managers.

A cutting edge solution for both court and parliamentary reporting and that will be presented at the Iprs meeting is the multimedia report.

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