Competitions Cagliari 2019

This page is only a short description of the competitions/world championships that will be held in Cagliari 2019.

Download the complete regulations by clicking here.

Age categories for competitions

  Seniors Juniors Pupils
Born in <=1998 1999-2002 >=2003
Age 21-110 17-20 0-16

Text production

Typing text from a printed copy during 30 minutes by use of PC keyboard, shorthand machine or speech recognition, as fast and accurate as possible

  Seniors Juniors Pupils
Min. char/minute 360 300 240
Max. errors 0,25% 0,25% 0,25%
Penalty points/error - 100 - 100 - 100

Text corrections with PC

Correcting a digitally delivered text during 10 minutes: delete, replace, reorder, insert, emphasize, indent... text parts, according to a correction sheet.

At least 60 corrections, in the order presented on the correction sheet, have to be executed correctly.

Per handled correction + 100
Imperfect or unexecuted correction -  500

Professional word processing

Working on documents with professional word processing software: (re)structure and (re)formatting of text, inserting and smart positioning objects, selecting, sorting and merging structured data, automatic numbering, smart use of tables, advanced search replace, generating table of content, index... within a limited timeframe.

Working time: 90 minutes.

Result is expressed in %. Minimum 50 % is needed to be successful.

Audio transcription

Transcribing for 10 minutes a digital recorded dictation with PC-keyboard, chord keyboard or voice recognition in re-speaking mode. The dictation will last 15 minutes at a constant normal speech speed.

  Seniors Juniors Pupils
min. char/minute 360 300 240
Max. errors 0,50% 0,50% 0,50%
Penalty points/error - 50 - 50 - 50

Speech capturing

Capturing and transcribing a 15-minute-long text, dictated at an increasing rate of speed, with graphic shorthand, machine shorthand (PC keyboard or chord keyboard) or voice writing in re-speaking mode. Dictation is divided in 3 sections of each 5 minutes. Transcription time: 150 minutes.

At least the first 3 minutes of a section have to be transcribed accurately, taking into account the number of penalties allowed.

Real time speech capturing

Capturing a 10-minute-long dictation with increasing speed. Immediate delivery after dictation without any additional corrections, going from 148 to 352 syllables (depending on language).

At least 3 minutes have to be delivered without exceding the maximum penalties allowed.

Note taking and reporting

A 10-minute-long dictation at a moderate but increasing speed of a text that is divided into sections. This text has a title indicating its main theme, and several section headings indicating the subthemes. Title and headings have to be transcribed verbatim, while participants have to summarize in their own words and in complete sentences the content of each section. Participants work on the basis of their notes taken either by handwriting, graphic stenography, keyboarding (including the use of tablet computers), chord keyboarding or voice writing.

Transcription time: 90 minutes.

Combined list

Combined list with multi-talented people, successful in at least 3 of the 7 organized competitions.

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