Excursion 4 - Final excursion to Carloforte


Carloforte is a small town set on the eastern coast of the Island of San Pietro, facing Sardinia. It preserves some particularly interesting buildings. It was founded by coral fishers from Liguria, who moved there in the first few years of the 18th century. from Tabarka, in Tunisia, where they had lived since 1540. The language and customs make the island Ligurian in culture. To be visited are the parish church of S. Carlo and the Palazzo Rombi; also not to be missed is a visit to the antique wall and a walk among its fine narrow streets. From the locality La Punta, beyond the splendid pinewood that covers the hill, one can see at a glance the whole island, and beyond the Sardinian coast. To the north is the island of Piana, where one can see the establishment of the large Tonnara Villamarina (tunny fishing grounds). This has been reconstructed as a tourist centre respecting the original architecture. To the west, a panoramic road leads to Capo Sandalo, where the impressive Cala Fico and Caporosso mountain are to be noted. To the south of the city are the salt flats and the astronomic observatory, housed in the old San Vittorio fort. The beaches of La Caletta, on the west coast, and Punta Nera, Bobba and Girin, on the east coast are worth a visit. Off the coast, one can admire the two sharp trachyte rocks, known as Le Colonne which are the symbols of Carloforte.

After the warm welcome to Carloforte, you will be free to spend your time as you wish. Guided walking tours will be available, as well as the town tour on a small touristic train. You can enjoy your lunch either in one of our restaurants-partners or wherever you wish, and buy souvenirs on the seafront. Who wishes to go to one of the breathtaking beaches to relax or to have a bath, or who prefers to make a tour of the whole island will be pleased with a dedicated service.

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