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Geopolitics and Internet-based communication is changing the world at a very fast pace. Accordingly, the leaders of the world are called to change their rhetoric, thus influencing discourse in general. For this reason, and thanks to technological progress in the field of information and communication processing, the professions related to speech capturing are undergoing profound changes.

With the twofold aim of keeping track of these changes and of spreading them, the Intersteno Scientific Committee and the IPRS are pleased to call for contributions at the next Intersteno General Conference on Information and Communication Processing on Tuesday 16 July 2019 and at the IPRS meeting on Sunday 14 July 2019 in Cagliari in the framework of the 52nd Intersteno Congress.

The main topics of the Conference will be the future of speech-capturing professions (parliamentary reporting, court reporting, live captioning, live subtitling, minute-taking and the like) with a focus on, but not limited to, the following:

  • challenges of modern times: which problems should be solved and how?
  • recent and future findings in information and communication processing;
  • technological advancements and the impact of technology in the profession;
  • new needs and expectations of target audience;
  • new linguistic and editorial criteria;
  • new methods in text processing and production: textuality, hypertextuality, editing;
  • skills and competencies in new professional scenarios;
  • methodologies compared: pros and cons of new technologies;
  • other related topics.

Abstracts of approximately 1000 characters are welcome via email to by 28 February 2019 mentioning abstract for Intersteno 2019 as the email object.

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